Growing Your Dermatology Practice
by Leveraging Digital Marketing
and Dr. Cialdini's influence principles

Put powerful principles of persuasion to work for your practice success and help you drive in more patients to your Dermatology practice! Digital marketing pioneer, entrepreneur, and published author, Naren Arulrajah guides you through Cialdini’s proven technique.

About The Webinar

You know you need a website and social media in today’s internet-driven culture of consumer empowerment. Yet a “build it and they will come” approach is not enough. Invest just 60 minutes of your time to learn about specific principles that create a robust online presence - the kind that stimulates consumers to pass over your competition and schedule an appointment with you.;

You'll Learn

What elements are necessary for a sound virtual reputation? How do they successfully coalesce into an effective digital marketing strategy? Who is Robert Cialdini and what does he have to do with all of this? In a fast-paced, upbeat webinar, Naren answers these questions and more. Most importantly, he puts Cialdini’s principles of influence into easy-to-understand terms - concepts you can begin to think about and utilize immediately:

  1. Authority - Presenting yourself as the knowledgeable, credible expert you are.
  2. Consensus - Using the comfort of crowd mentality numbers to your advantage.
  3. Consistency - Setting the foundation for beneficial behaviors.
  4. Liking - Establishing an approachable professional image.
  5. Reciprocity - Giving to consumers to receive business and loyalty in return.
  6. Scarcity - Helping prospects grasp what they stand to lose if they do not act promptly.

Maybe you have heard of Cialdini’s principles, but this webinar put the concepts directly
into the perspective of dermatology practice.

About the host
Naren Arulrajah (CEO of Ekwa Marketing and Growing Dermatologist)

Naren Arulrajah founded Ekwa Marketing more than a decade ago, with focus on helping medical professional succeed in business and find personal fulfillment. Through digital innovation, he guides these busy, hard-working individuals in a discovery of work/life balance. Today, as CEO, Naren remains actively involved in the entire family of Ekwa companies. He hosts a popular podcast series, Growing Dermatologist, that brings the insight of leaders in the field to the computers and mobile devices of doctors across the globe.

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