Episode 39: Why You Got Into Dermatology?

March 05, 2020
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In the first episode of the series ‘Life of a Dermatologist in Private Practice with Dr. Downie‘, Dr. Jeanine Downie discusses with Naren Arulrajah why she got into dermatology when she had many other choices and what the driving forces were that made dermatology her focus and life’s work. She also gives us insight into her practice as well as the various treatments and equipment used to help improve one’s image.


  • My attraction and driving force that led me to chose dermatology
  • The day I was accepted to medical school and residency
  • The significance of January 18, 2000
  • The importance of how you treat and take care of your skin
  • Practicing in a Victorian house
  • Services and equipment we use
  • Our medical philosophy is that the patient comes first

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